Hot Pie- West Palm Beach

I always like to ask people which pizzeria is their favorite, especially in cities outside of Chicago. At my client’s office in West Palm Beach, pizzerias are plentiful, but they are not always the best. One week, Tricia, one of the project managers, suggested we eat lunch at “Hot Pie.” It is located near cityplace, but away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown atmosphere.

Hot Pie on a sunny day!

Da Oven

We arrived for lunch and the restaurant had at least five tables of patrons. Four of us sat down and decided on some appetizers and a pizza.

Our first appetizer was Petite Meatballs… they were adorably petite and equally awesome. Tricia said she remembered them being smaller, but they were small enough for all of us to enjoy!

Petite Meatballs- with some cheese on top

We then dug into some cheese sticks. These were a great preview to the quality of crust and style of dining! These were hard to put down.

Cheese Sticks Galore
Pizza- Half Pepper & Onion, half with hot peppers (or something like that)

The pizza was very good. Although the photo doesn’t look completely appetizing (probably my poor photo skills), the pizza was crunchy and had a nice distribution of flavors. They were relatively light on the cheese, light on the sauce, and appropriately portioned toppings. I can’t forget how awesome the appetizers were, and they still resonated with me after eating the pizza. Tricia compares this ZA to Grimaldi’s, but likes Hot Pie better. I think I may enjoy Grimaldi’s more because of the air-like crust (forgive my classy terminology), but hey, it’s all about personal preferences!

Nicely cooked bottom crust- notice a light char on the edges
Slice of Za- Things to note: not a ton of sauce, even distribution of toppings, light cheese- lovely combo

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