Luigi’s- West Palm Beach

Last week, our OIC (project lead) was in town and our team met for dinner in downtown West Palm Beach. We wanted to avoid the crazy chaos of CityPlace, so we settled for Luigi’s, an Italian restaurant at the end of Clematis Street and close to the water.

Our waiter was a friendly guy and very accommodating to our large group of eight. Then again, the restaurant was nearly empty. We were promptly served Garlic Knots and the team chowed down with much happiness.

Garlic Knots

In order to fulfill my pizza blogging quota, we shared a large margherita pizza as an appetizer. I was in the mood for fish as an entree, so this was a great way to ration my pizza intake.

The pizza was a perfect size, and each of us had one slice. It looked quite nice, but the taste was nothing stunning. I won’t say it was bad, it just wasn’t anything special.

Our awesome server, Jonathan

The cheese was fresh, the sauce was pretty standard, and the crust was nicely charred. I couldn’t tell if it was too thin or not thin enough, but for the style of pizza, I think the dough recipe could be tweaked.

My slice. Nice size for an appetizer... but wouldn't come back for pizza

We all enjoyed our entrees: Many opted for fish, but there were also great pasta choices. Everyone was satisfied with their meal and found it to be a nice Italian restaurant in West Palm Beach.

Even though the pizza wasn’t spectacular, I still enjoyed my fish special! AND the dessert was hard to resist!! One question still remains from our team… for a restaurant called LUIGI’s, where was MARIO!?

To-die-for Tiramisu. An italian restaurant never lets you down with dessert.

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