Smoked Pizza

I would like to wish everyone a happy start to “NATIONAL PIZZA MONTH”! It’s October, and when it’s getting cold out, it’s a great time to take full advantage of pizza 🙂 If you happen to eat some great pizza, PLEASE let me know!

I was sitting at the office one day and overheard a coworker talking about pizza. Instantly, I perked up and listened in. Michael has taken full advantaged of his smoker (THE BIG GREEN EGG) to grill some pizza on a pizza stone. I was definitely impressed and asked him to send over some pictures to display to you.

We start with the freshest of ingredients: (he says he goes to a fresh meats store to get authentic awesome sausage)

The sauce is a tomato based sauced with some garlic and basil, then I blend in a bruschetta from the Fresh Market

Cheese (mostly Mozzarella, with a little Asiago sprinkled on top of the toppings

Add bread crumbs to the pizza stone to prevent sticking

Gently, lovingly lay the pizza on the stone

Bring into the house… note the German Shepherd cleaning up behind me

Slice and serve


These pictures are from one of his first experiences… he says he’s perfected his method by now. I love the home-built table around the smoker, complete with a granite cutting board. Also, the fact that the pizza has a smoky taste is more intriguing than my home oven… Big props to Michael. Thank you for sharing your cooking talents with PizzaLoverChicago! And also for helping me with a great kick-off to NATIONAL PIZZA MONTH!

*If you have had any great pizza experiences, I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT! Contact me and let me know why YOU love pizza… you may be featured on my blog (pictures are great as well)*

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