I recently spent a nice meal with my some of the only Braude’s left in Chicagoland- Julia, Kevin, and Cheryl. The cousins (sans MSU rockstar, Josh) picked me up at the train station in Northbrook, IL, and we stopped over at Marcello’s, A Father & Son restaurant, for some family food.

Aunt Cheryl & Uncle Kev with our pizza

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I have driven past this pizzeria so many times, and now that Jon is living in the Southport Corridor, it was quickly added to my “Must Try” list. D’Agostino’s is located on Addison & Southport, a short walk from Wrigley Field (three other locations exist). The bar-restaurant gets pretty crowded on game days, but we arrived late at night, so I couldn’t judge the traffic volume.

We pre-ordered two medium thin-crust pizzas and they were ready shortly after we got there. Jon, Sal, and I devoured the two pizzas and were happy and full.

D'Agostino's Pizzas- Top Pizza=BBQ Chicken (Comes with red onion). Bottom Pizza=Pepper, Onion, Sausage

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Pizza En Argentina

I cannot remember the name of the first place I had pizza in Buenos Aires. My manager, Alton, took me there a few hours after we landed. I am so excited to be traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina for the next ~11 months, and can’t wait to eat a lot of… pizza? According to some quick research I conducted, Argentina has a lot of pride for their pizza. In fact, they even add their own special touch. It’s a fusion of Italian & Spanish culture and is widespread across the country.

The first pizza I ate had a thicker crust and not too much sauce. The cheese was plentiful and there were nice spices on top.

1st Pizza in Buenos Aires- tomatoes, red peppers, olives

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Lucky Luciano- Mexico City

I had such a great time on my first trip to Mexico City! I will be traveling there each month for my job, so I definitely have to keep an eye out for some pizzerias…

Diego and I took a walk down Avenida Presidente Masaryk, one of the trendiest “Michigan Avenue” streets, and noted a few restaurants to check out during our visits. One of them was Lucky Luciano. Lucky Luciano looks intriguing from the outside, and it is on the edge of a busy intersection. The design is modern and it is clear that they are imitating an American atmosphere…

Lucky Luciano at night- Found on google (

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