I have driven past this pizzeria so many times, and now that Jon is living in the Southport Corridor, it was quickly added to my “Must Try” list. D’Agostino’s is located on Addison & Southport, a short walk from Wrigley Field (three other locations exist). The bar-restaurant gets pretty crowded on game days, but we arrived late at night, so I couldn’t judge the traffic volume.

We pre-ordered two medium thin-crust pizzas and they were ready shortly after we got there. Jon, Sal, and I devoured the two pizzas and were happy and full.

D'Agostino's Pizzas- Top Pizza=BBQ Chicken (Comes with red onion). Bottom Pizza=Pepper, Onion, Sausage

I just LOVE sausage on Chicago pizzas, such a beautiful thing :).

CRUST=Splendid. It was VERY cracker thin & charred on the edges. The sauce stretched pretty far across the pizza, with standard cheese and spices below the toppings. Sausage was crumbled, green pepper was thin and crunchy, the boys liked the pieces of chicken, so all was good.

Yummy... Bright red sauce... not much flavor, but served it purpose
BBQ chicken pizza had a bit more burnt cheese ... burnt crunchy cheeseis one of my favorite things
Check out that sausage... hungry yet?
One piece left...

One piece remained after our pizza insanity– I could not eat any more, and Jon & Sal were full as well. It was a singular slice left for the pizza gods, and I think they deserved it ­čÖé I was happy to have some Chicago pizza once again after the┬ástylistically┬ádifferent pizza in Argentina. D’Agostinos is far from inventive with their pizza, but I’m often content with standard thin crust pizza.

Look forward to another post or two from my visit to the homeland- Chitown.

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