Lucky Luciano- Mexico City

I had such a great time on my first trip to Mexico City! I will be traveling there each month for my job, so I definitely have to keep an eye out for some pizzerias…

Diego and I took a walk down Avenida Presidente Masaryk, one of the trendiest “Michigan Avenue” streets, and noted a few restaurants to check out during our visits. One of them was Lucky Luciano. Lucky Luciano looks intriguing from the outside, and it is on the edge of a busy intersection. The design is modern and it is clear that they are imitating an American atmosphere…

Lucky Luciano at night- Found on google (

We stopped by for lunch… and we arrived around 12:30, which is quite early for Mexico’s standards. The place was empty, and we were seated at a small table right away. I was with Diego & Alberto, both consultants who speak Spanish as their first language. They are great coworkers to travel with, and definitely helpful to have around since my Spanish is not muy bien.  🙂

Classy interior decor
Pizza Oven

Anyways, we were in a pizza-only mood, although the menu had a wide variety of food options. We ordered two pizzas at approximately 14 inches each. Since we wanted to try many toppings, we ordered ½ and ½ for the pizzas. While the pizzas were in the oven, I took quick photo. It was nice, and the décor of the restaurant was quite impressive.

Our pizzas arrived after about 15 minutes and we couldn’t wait to dig in. The crust was not crunchy, but it held its own due to the well-cooked edges. I was surpisingly pleased with the amount of cheese, sauce, & topping ratio. Nothing was overwhelming and everything had a nice light taste.

1/2 Margeurita (as spelled on the menu) 1/2 Pepperoni
1/2 Onion Bianco, 1/2 Cappresse -They use pine nuts to garnish their pesto rather than grinding
One of many slices consumed 🙂
The bottom

I liked the pepperoni and the capresse pizza, but all the topping combinations worked well. Lucky Luciano’s says they are a New York pizzeria, but I would not classify this as a floppy greasy good pizza nor a perfect NY upscale pizza. It was simple and fulfilling, and that’s what we were looking for.  I will probably go back here because it’s in a relatively safe area and not far from our hotel, but I know there are more places to explore in Mexico City!

Lucky Luciano's Menu

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