Pizza En Argentina

I cannot remember the name of the first place I had pizza in Buenos Aires. My manager, Alton, took me there a few hours after we landed. I am so excited to be traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina for the next ~11 months, and can’t wait to eat a lot of… pizza? According to some quick research I conducted, Argentina has a lot of pride for their pizza. In fact, they even add their own special touch. It’s a fusion of Italian & Spanish culture and is widespread across the country.

The first pizza I ate had a thicker crust and not too much sauce. The cheese was plentiful and there were nice spices on top.

1st Pizza in Buenos Aires- tomatoes, red peppers, olives

Crust thickness shot- Look at the air pockets in the crust. Nothing mushy here. It's a solid crunchy thicker crust.

Once I had met some people in the office, I told one of the women, Aldana, that I was a pizza blogger. #1, she is adorable and dresses well, like most Argentine women. #2 I brought this up to her because she discussed how much she likes pizza. I like her 🙂 So of course, one day they brought pizza into the office and I tried it there. I did not take any pictures, but I can tell you it was different from the first one, and perhaps more typical.

First, the pizza was thinner, a bit floppy, and once again had a small amount of sauce. It was sloshed with cheese. But the BIG CULTURAL DIFFERENCE lied in an essential additional condiment. No, not crushed red pepper, oregano, or parmesean, but in Buenos Aires: FAINÁ. Fainá is a chickpea-based bread that is cut into pizza slices. When you pick up a slice of pizza, you also place a piece of faina above or below your pizza.

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I must say, this added flavor and texture contrast of fainá was quite unique. I wonder if there are restaurants in the USA that imitate the same style of Argentine Pizza.

All in all, I’m excited to try more pizza in Buenos Aires. Italian restaurants & steak joints are their most common restaurants, so I anticipate I may encounter a pizza or two throughout my adventures.

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