Dominos- Cancun

Oh Yes, when I was in Cancun a few weeks ago, I craved pizza… in fact, many of my friends craved some late night pizza. Here is my review of pizza in Cancun, and most importantly, Domino’s in Cancun!

Domino's Cancun!

So the first night, we had some frozen pizza… well, I was sleeping, but I heard it was horrible. And then the second night we bought a random pizza from a pizza delivery guy on a scooter– yes, I am embarrassed to admit it. That pizza was TERRIBLE as well. It was sad.

On our last effort, we gave up and went to Domino’s pizza for a final attempt. It was quite late at night, and they were still open! We ordered two large pizzas and waited at the outdoor tables for it to be ready.

Casually waiting for the pizza outside Domino's

Erik gave a great narrative, and amidst our hysterical discussion that I recorded, I wanted to quote some important observations below:

“The service is fantastic, they bring your pizza out to the table. The cheese is cheesey, the sauce is saucey, and Nishi likes to party.”- Erik Brook

Salsa Catusp and Salsa Picante were condiments for the pizza! Wow.

“This pizza is very very good. It’s like, the crust goes all around the pizza, the cheese goes on top of some kind of red sauce […] So I say, for me it’s 5 spatulas out of 4 spatulas”- Ben

Kevin mentioned there is no garlic crust available at the Domino’s, which is sad.

Pepperoni Pizza- On a Platter- With Silverware... top notch
Partially devoured cheese pizza

Nishi tried to be as critical as possible, mentioning that the cheese was more stringy and the grease was a bit more spread out.

Those facts may be difficult to confirm by viewing these pictures, but I trust my dear friend Nishi to give her honest opinion, as she loves cheese.

Obviously a jovial group... right?

Overall, we had a fun experience at Domino’s and I’m honored to share the clever remarks of my friends on this blog 🙂

Anyways, our Cancun Domino’s experience was awesome because the pizza reflected Domino’s in the US, and we were finally rewarded with some great ZA. Thank goodness for a high level of standardization across the Domino’s brand!

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