Ovenella- Boca Raton, FL

Well my parents have found a new pizza place. It’s located across from the Royal Palm strip mall in Boca Raton, right near my mom’s boutique. Ovenella hasn’t been open for too many months, but if there were issues before, they seem to have worked out the kinks. Ovenella is a full restaurant with a pizza oven and a full page of pizzas. The waiter told me their list used to be larger and it was originally marketed as a pizzeria, but they couldn’t handle the demand with the size of their oven.

Pizza Menu

And so the full lunch & dinner menus were born and I’m pleased with the selections. My sister and I each ordered personal pizzas, but they were plenty big to share for lunch. I ordered the calabrese and she ordered the margherita. My dad was more unique and ordered a sandwich. We also split a bottle of wine because that’s how the fam rolls!

Row Eleven Pinot Noir

While waiting for our entrees, we were served some bread and roasted garlic. Mmmmm. I don’t think my sister has had roasted garlic with her bread, but it was pure bliss. I know it can’t be too difficult for a restaurant to roast garlic, but that small touch made quite the difference. Also, the artisan bread was great as well. Here I go again talking about bread… perhaps I should start a bread blog. 🙂

Bread with roasted garlicDad + Bread + Roasted Garlic

When Ariel’s pizza arrived, you could clearly identify the mix of cheese with fresh mozzarella. I’m not going to lie, but I was ready to snatch a piece of hers right away. Then again, my sausage, pepper, & onion pizza was an awesome flavor explosion once I sunk my teeth into it. The sausage was cut into slices and had a spicy kick.

Ariel's Margherita
Calabrese Pizza- Check out those intense slices of Sausage... pretty cool. Can't decide if I like my sausage crumbled or not!

The crust on the pizza was airy and not paper thin, but the ends were nice and crunchy. Although there wasn’t a ton of sauce on my pizza, it was alright because there were many toppings. Ariel thoroughly enjoyed her pizza and she’s not into sauce as much as I am.

Dad's Panini- Grilled Chicken Club: Rosemary Grilled Chicken Breast on a Toasted Ciabatta | Cranberry Aioli | Melted Brie Cheese | Apple Wood Smoked Bacon | Lettuce | Tomato

While my dad ate his sandwich, I gladly snatched a few of his French fries. We also were drinking that smooth bottle of red wine, so our afternoon was just lovely. After taking a peek inside the restaurant, I noticed the décor was classy and upscale. Overall, I am looking forward to going back… and my parents have already made a return visit!

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  1. Dear pizza lover, thanks for you kind remarks on my restaurant. Next time you came over please call me because I am usually there, lunch and dinner. Just a question: why Buenos Aires? I love this city and their food but you should stop in my city, Sao Paulo, next time you go south and try the brazilian pizzas also.
    Thanks again,

    • Thank you for your reply! I will definitely let you know if I am at Ovenella in the future. I am working on a project for my consulting company in Buenos Aires. I would love to visit Sao Paulo, and hopefully I can do that sometime next year. 🙂

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