Sapore Di Napoli

Jon and I had a nice date night at Southport & Belmont right next to the Flat Top Grill- Lakeview. Sapore di Napoli is an authentic Neopolitan pizzeria that is also BYOB. We set off for dinner at 8:30 on a Saturday night, and when we arrived, the place was packed. We waited 15 minutes to be seated at one of the ~12 two-top tables. The restaurant was bustling, and we came just in time… there were only 10 balls of dough available at the end of their night.

Apologies for the glare in the menu!

We started with our own salads. Jon ordered the Spinaci (Fresh baby spinach, dried cranraisins, granny smith apple, candy walnuts mixed with caramelized onion-balsamic vinaigrette, topped with goat cheese, and balsamic reductio) and I ordered the Di Rucola (Baby arugula, oil and vinegar, chopped garlic, topped with white anchovies and shaved Parmigiano Reggiano). Both salads came out looking fresh and delectable. Jon said the goat cheese was so good that it melted in his mouth. Sorry for no pictures! We were definitely glad we tried their salads because they don’t skimp on the quality of ingredients.

Sipping on wine with my man
Kitchen prep and oven space. Exposed to the dining area.

While the pizza was being prepared, Jon & I sipped from an Argentine bottle of wine that I brought back from my first business trip. It was a Malbec by Luigi Bosco and, after we gave it time to breathe, it had a very nice finish. Amidst the crazy atmosphere of the cooks in the kitchen, I snapped a few photos and saw that the Moretti Forni ovens were cranked to 720 and 740 degrees.

Salsiccia & Cipolla

Although it took us forever to make a decision about which type of pizza we wanted, we were definitely happy about our Salsiccia & Cipolle pizza. The crumbled sausage was a tad spicy and the red onions were still crunchy. I know some pizzas have caramelized soft onions, but I was alright with this style. The melt-in-your-mouth sauce delicately dressed the pizza, and the cheese was overshadowed by the awesome taste of sausage. Nonetheless, flavors blended well and my stomach was satisfied.

'Clean Plate' Club

I just love this style of pizza… It is not as airy and crunchy as Spacca Napoli, but it is delectable in its own way. I like that it is a small shop with a variety of pizzas to choose from and I can’t wait to try a few different pizzas next time.

Mmmm gelato

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