Trader Joe’s Pizza Party

My weekends in Chicago are limited, and when I’m in town, I try to get together with the girls for a meal or two :). This past Friday I was a bit wiped from traveling, so dining in was a perfect option!

Sam wanted to bring a pizza from Domino’s, regardless of what we were cooking, but I suggested we make some pizza! My friend, Lauren, generously hosted us at her place. It turns out she is also a skilled pizza maker along with her other fab cooking skills.

Most of our ingredients were from Trader Joe’s. There is a location in River North that is a convenient stop if walking back from work on the mag mile, so Lauren made a pit stop on her way back. Here are some of the ingredients.

Trader Joe's 'Ready to Bake' Pizza Dough. They offer other types of ready-made dough (wheat & herb), but most of the girls like this the best
Trader Joe's Pizza Sauce & Genova Pesto
Trader Joes pre-sliced Fresh Mozzarella Log

We made two pizzas since there were six of us eating, and one was without mushrooms. The pizzas cooked on a pan in the oven for ~15 minutes, and we were excited to eat them! The dough was probably not completely cooked, but it’s hard to get that consistency while impatience and hunger beckon!

Lauren, my talented friend who has patience when rolling out the pizza dough. I got too frustrated.
Dollops of pesto on top of marina 🙂 Looks so yummy
Pizza ready to be thrown in the oven
Finished pizza!

The pizza was LOVELY. The crust was great, and the marinara & pesto combination made all the difference. When I make any type of pizza at home, I will be sure to use some pesto every time!

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