Frozen Pizza in Atlanta

Yum Yum I LOVE frozen pizzas!

I have a great coworker, Chris, who invited me to the Atlanta Winter Beer Festival when I was in town one weekend. It was FRIGID in Atlanta, and even I wore my ski jacket & gloves… still shivered. It was not the most ideal conditions for drinking beer outdoors, but we still made the best of it. After the festival, we stopped by a Publix (common grocery store) to pick up frozen pizzas and more beer. Continue reading Frozen Pizza in Atlanta

50 Friends- Mexico City

It is now my third time visiting Mexico City for work. Often times I am content eating dinners at the hotel, but last week, I happily explored an area quite like Rush Street in Chicago. Less than 10 minutes walking from the hotel, I passed through Lincoln Park (sounds like Chicago) and approached a mecca of restaurants lining the streets.

”]The first thing I noticed was a lack of traditional Mexican restaurants, except for a few walk-up counters¬† in the area. Otherwise, I saw Asian, Argentine, French, and Italian cuisine. Of course, pizza was part of the menu at many Italian restaurants. Although those caught my eye, I went straight toward “50Friends,” a brick oven pizzeria (with some pasta & sandwich dishes) overlooking Lincoln Park. Continue reading 50 Friends- Mexico City

Valentine’s Day Pizza

Ordering room service on Valentine’s Day for 1 may not seem too thrilling for the average human, but I actually had a very relaxing evening. Although I had a sub-par pedicure at my hotel in Mexico City, at least they gave me an appointment after 5:30pm.

I ordered a margherita pizza and a glass […]

Allora- West Palm Beach

This pizzeria shares space with Cafe Centro. My coworkers and I grabbed lunch here and shared a pizza and an appetizer. We were pleased with the NY/Italian-style pizza.

First, we were served garlic knots (in place of bread). These were a greasy delicious start to our meal. Also, we ordered mozzarella sticks, and I honestly thought these were some of the best I’ve tasted in a while. The breading on the cheese was crisp and cheese was awesome. These were no packaged deep-fried pieces, in my opinion. Only gripe was the runny tomato sauce.. it didn’t really hold up against the stix.

Garlic Knots. Greasy goodness

Mozzarella Sticks. Loverly

Continue reading Allora- West Palm Beach

Pizza Hut + Proposals?!

So yes, Pizza Hut is offering a proposal package along with a $10 dinner meal… This is no contest or sweepstakes, they are offering a $10,010 package on their website. Intriguing? I’m not sure. Quirky? YES.

So, would you do it? As much as I love pizza, that is […]