50 Friends- Mexico City

It is now my third time visiting Mexico City for work. Often times I am content eating dinners at the hotel, but last week, I happily explored an area quite like Rush Street in Chicago. Less than 10 minutes walking from the hotel, I passed through Lincoln Park (sounds like Chicago) and approached a mecca of restaurants lining the streets.

”]The first thing I noticed was a lack of traditional Mexican restaurants, except for a few walk-up counters  in the area. Otherwise, I saw Asian, Argentine, French, and Italian cuisine. Of course, pizza was part of the menu at many Italian restaurants. Although those caught my eye, I went straight toward “50Friends,” a brick oven pizzeria (with some pasta & sandwich dishes) overlooking Lincoln Park.

The restaurant was narrow with a long bench for tables and had substantial outdoor seating. Pizzas were approximately 14 inches with a thin & crispy  wood-fired crust. The menu had a variety of entradas (appetizers) including carpaccios, bruschettas, and other indulgences. As for pizza, they offered make-your-own pizzas or one of their specialty pizzas. Many of the topping combinations  resembled the US, but I enjoyed seeing interesting “Pizza 3 Chiles” and combo pepperoni & salami toppings.

Also, there were 6 different kinds of toppings/sauces for the bread they put on the table, and then for the pizzas.

A garlic dip, and a chili topping
Classic olive oil & balsamic
2 salsas created by the restaurant... people add this to their pizzas!

Of course, I ordered the standby pepperoni & onion pizza (sue me!), but Alton had the 3 Chile pizza on his half. After all, he is from El Paso, TX and has a high tolerance for spice. Spicy food is just an area I cannot cross! No tolerance.

After a short time, our pizza was  served. It was greasy but not too bad. The pepperoni was super fresh and the onions were nicely cooked. They offered caramelized onions as an alternative, but I thought it could have been too much. Alton liked his 3 chiles as well, although I was in awe as he chowed down on the spicy.

1/2 Pepp & onion, 1/2 3 Chile's

I really liked the pizza here, and after Alton & I went, I visited again when my dad was in town. The price isn’t insanely cheap for Mexico, but pizzas between $10-14 USD are not that bad. So I suggest you stumble across this place like I did if you are ever in Polanco, Mexico City. Also, it is my new favorite pizzeria compared to Lucky Luciano. This is in part because it’s in a more chic area, but I am also a bigger fan of their Neopolitan crust.


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