Allora- West Palm Beach

This pizzeria shares space with Cafe Centro. My coworkers and I grabbed lunch here and shared a pizza and an appetizer. We were pleased with the NY/Italian-style pizza.

First, we were served garlic knots (in place of bread). These were a greasy delicious start to our meal. Also, we ordered mozzarella sticks, and I honestly thought these were some of the best I’ve tasted in a while. The breading on the cheese was crisp and cheese was awesome. These were no packaged deep-fried pieces, in my opinion. Only gripe was the runny tomato sauce.. it didn’t really hold up against the stix.

Garlic Knots. Greasy goodness
Mozzarella Sticks. Loverly

Salad that Chris ordered, he's so healthy sometimes
The three standard pizza condiments. Very pleased to see oregano on the table

Crust was thin, cooked well-done, yet floppy in the middle. It was nice to have a floppy crust with stable edges… if that makes any sense. There was still a ton of cheese & sauce, but the slice managed to stay in one piece. It was very greasy, so I wouldn’t add it to my rotating list of Florida pizzas. But for those who are a fan of the grease, go for it. Sometimes, I have to set boundaries for certain types of pizza.

Pepperoni, 1/2 onion, 1/2 ham
Pepperoni & Ham slice. The crust was not paper thin. Although it was floppy, it had about 1/4 inch of thickness.
Side view pepperoni & onion slice
Check out the char on the crust. Floppy, but crunchy. Good stuff

So the food tasted great, it was a nice casual lunch meal, but that pizza was a grease feast. I am looking forward to trying their full menu, because it seems they have a wide variety of italian specialties and a nice indoor seating area.
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