Frozen Pizza in Atlanta

Yum Yum I LOVE frozen pizzas!

I have a great coworker, Chris, who invited me to the Atlanta Winter Beer Festival when I was in town one weekend. It was FRIGID in Atlanta, and even I wore my ski jacket & gloves… still shivered. It was not the most ideal conditions for drinking beer outdoors, but we still made the best of it. After the festival, we stopped by a Publix (common grocery store) to pick up frozen pizzas and more beer.

I am completely serious when I say I love frozen pizzas. I already sang praises of Home Run Inn frozen pizza, but I honestly think it wins over most delivery pizzas. On this adventure, we procured some Freschetta & Red Baron pizzas. I won’t lie, I was excited. I ate some of each pizza, and it was pure heaven. Never mind the beer induced happiness… the pizza tasted great!

Readers, what do you think about frozen pizza? Tombstone, Jacks, DiGiorno, Freschetta, Red Baron, Home Run Inn, etc…

Red Baron Cheese Za- I like their included spices
Freschetta Peperoni- Bring on the bread

Thanks again to Chris & his crew for entertaining me on a great Saturday adventure…

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