Godfather’s Pizza

Golden pan crust pizza

So I know I tell all my readers that I’m traveling to Florida, Buenos Aires, and Mexico City for work… but there are also some other stellar (or non-stellar) business trips to other destinations. Recently, I was in Enid, Oklahoma, to help out with a training session. Enid is appx. one hour and 40 minutes driving from Oklahoma City, and there is a small downtown square with a handful of restaurants. One night, we wanted some pizza, and the hotel recommended Godfather’s. I’ve heard a great deal about this chain, and never tried it!

Things that identify Godfather’s:

  • Salad Bar (at dine-in locations)
  • 3 crust choices (original crust, buttery pan-style crust, light & crispy thin crust)
  • Slight mafia atmosphere
  • Order at the counter, they bring to the table

First of all, we ordered too much. There were three of us. Alton & Sebastian wanted some wings, and then we ordered one pan-style pizza & one thin crust.

Thin Crust Pepperoni
Check out the thin crust pepperoni... cheese cooked through, sauce a bit like a tomato paste

You may notice there were no pictures of the wings. They were not fully cooked through, and after a second batch, we were kind of spooked.

Both of the pizzas were satisfying. The golden butter crust waas tasty along with plethora of toppings, and there was plenty of sauce to accompany the cooked cheese. If I had to compare it to another pizza, I would say it closely resembles Domino’s. The fluffy buttery crust had a similar type of taste, and the texture of crust was closely related.

I moved onto the thin crust after our pan slices, and it was obviously easier to manage. It was a simple pizza without pizzazz, but satisfactory for a chain restaurant. My main gripe was the tomato sauce… or shall I say tomato paste. The sauce didn’t have any spices or flavor. Other than that, the pizza was standard, buttery, & greasy. hehe.

So that’s my review of a famous chain pizza that I had never tried before! Readers, have you tried Godfather’s Pizza? What are your thoughts compared to Domino’s, Papa Johns, Etc?

[My 2cents: I would rather have an oven-made pizza like Tombstone, DiGiorno, Home Run Inn, etc, rather than quick-service pizza! I admit it!]

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