Portofino- Bermuda

I was so lucky to celebrate my birthday in Bermuda with Jon. I arrived late Thursday night on a flight from Florida, so we had some oven-made pizza and wine. On Friday, we dined at Portofino, an Italian restaurant in downtown Hamilton.

We started with a bruschetta appetizer. The Bruschetta tasted great and was a bit different than most I’ve tried. I would describe it as a garlic bread topped lightly with basil spread, crushed tomatoes, and then melted cheese. The taste was nice, but nothing exhilarating. I did enjoy the variation on this typical appetizer.

We shared a pizza and a chicken dish for dinner, and both were very satisfying. The pizza was thin, light, and cheesey. I enjoyed the stringy cheese and didn’t feel too guilty eating it 🙂 Also, the chicken cacciatore was flavorful  and I loved the tomato & vegetable sauce mixture.

Cheese Pizza

Yum Yum. Quite a large pizza but easy to devour because of the thin crust. This pizza did not have a ‘wow’ factor, but it still was a nice pie in Bermuda. I am sure I will be trying many more, so we’ll see how it compares to other pizzas on the island!

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