Valentine’s Day Pizza

Ordering room service on Valentine’s Day for 1 may not seem too thrilling for the average human, but I actually had a very relaxing evening. Although I had a sub-par pedicure at my hotel in Mexico City, at least they gave me an appointment after 5:30pm.

I ordered a margherita pizza and a glass of champagne, ate in my PJs, in bed, and listened to my music through speakers while instant messaging with my boyfriend. It was a no-stress & no-commotion evening here in Mexico City.

The pizza was a floppy flatbread-esqe za, and was exactly the same kind I could have gotten for free in the concierge lounge. BUT that would have required looking presentable, having to socialize, and practice my Spanish! –Remember what I said, “stress free” was my goal– so I paid for my pizza this evening 🙂 And it was lovely. Finished the night reading Steve Jobs biography and then dreaming about the upcoming PIZZA EXPO in Las Vegas!!!

I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!

Red tint to the photo? I tried 🙂

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