Flight 1551

I had the pleasure of visiting Chicago for a weekend, and made a pit stop at a new wine bar in old town. We ordered a flight of red wines that were unique and intriguing. I hadn’t eaten lunch, and Nishi wanted something to nibble on. So I ordered a sausage & pepperoni pizza while she ordered the monkey bread. Continue reading Flight 1551

Pizza Stop Pasta- West Palm Beach, FL

This small pizza/pasta joint is located in “The Village” shops off Palm Beach Lakes. My team and I have eaten lunch here on occasion. It is usually quick and efficient and the food is simple. They have great lunch specials as well.

I tried my first stromboli here, and it was a thrilling experience. For pizza education- a calzone & stromboli are different. Calzones are normally pockets/pouches with the ingredients on the inside. A stromboli is rolled with the stuffing.

Pepperoni Stromboli- served with their marinara sauce

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Pizza Expo

Sorry for the lag in pizza reviews… I’m at the Pizza Expo !!! Should be two busy days of walking, eating, and seeing the pizza competitions! Wish you were here!