Pizza Stop Pasta- West Palm Beach, FL

This small pizza/pasta joint is located in “The Village” shops off Palm Beach Lakes. My team and I have eaten lunch here on occasion. It is usually quick and efficient and the food is simple. They have great lunch specials as well.

I tried my first stromboli here, and it was a thrilling experience. For pizza education- a calzone & stromboli are different. Calzones are normally pockets/pouches with the ingredients on the inside. A stromboli is rolled with the stuffing.

Pepperoni Stromboli- served with their marinara sauce

Cross-section cut

So as you can see, this stromboli¬†was quite large… longer in length than a knife. The dough was fluffy and not too dense, and the cheese and pepperoni were stufed inside. After dipping the stromboli in sauce, it tasted great. I was deliberate in making sure I got enough cheese & pepperoni in each bite because the ends were lacking. The parmesean cheese was simple, but nothing special or necessary.

The stromboli was a great alternative to pizza. I am glad I found something new here besides pizza slices & salads, but it’s nothing to drive over for. Pizza Stop Pasta is still a viable option for a quick lunch.

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  • Tracey Freedland

    Since you are in Florida, have you gone to Pusateri’s in Stuart? Well worth the drive. Best thin crust pizza in Florida and this is coming from a native Chicago girl and fellow U of I AEPhi alum.


    • I have not been yet! It’s 45 minutes North of my client’s office, so a bit of a trek for lunch time, but I will keep it in mind if feeling adventurous. Thank you!

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