Pizzeria Oceano- Lantana, FL

Ariel recently visited the family in Florida. We went to a beautiful Bar Mitzvah and danced the night away. The next morning, we drove back to Boca from Palm Beach and decided to make a stop at Pizzeria Oceano. I heard great things about the place; they use the freshest ingredients and there is only a certain amount of dough made each morning. If that isn’t fresh, I don’t know what is.

Having just returned from the Pizza Expo, I thought about how realistic it would be to run out of dough. Dough takes a certain amount of time to create and requires a lot of measuring, adjusting, and sensing the ingredients as it is mixed together. If Pizzeria Oceano believes in high quality dough, they would not want to keep it overnight. Therefore, if they perfectly portion out a batch of dough (or a few) for the day, then they are confident that the quality will not waver.

Pizzeria Oceano

We arrived on a Sunday afternoon to a pleasant patio. The sun was shining and there were 10 full tables of people. We were lucky to snag one of the last seats available. I peaked inside and noticed the pizza oven and a bar area of 5 seats. That’s it. There is a pizza bar overlooking the kitchen, a cash register, and a small area for people to wait. The majority of seating is outside. This is perfect for Florida weather, but obviously wouldn’t fare so well in Chicago!

Toppings: Red Onion, Arugula, Surryano Ham, 2 Farm Egg, Hollandaise, Our Spciy Pork Sausage, Fresh cut garlic, Peccorino

The pizza arrived, and it looked beautiful. It was large enough for the two of us to share, the charred crust was appropriate, and the toppings looked fresh. Ariel & I both took a bite and enjoyed it. The toppings were scattered across the pizza in a casual manner, and we savored the intense garlic mixed with fresh cheese & sauce.

The bottom of the crust. Perfectly cooked

Perhaps it was because of the hype, but we thought it was great, yet nothing special. To be honest, I have nothing bad to say about it. I understand why they get such hype since everything is fresh, so I would come back if I lived in this neighborhood. Then again, I won’t be telling EVERYONE to run here when they are within a 1-hour radius. Just keep this place in mind if you’re near the Key Lime restaurant on Lantana!

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