My Love for Old Town Pizza Co

I am amazed at the supportive community in the pizza world! The more pizza events I attend, the more I learn about great people in the pizza business. Because pizza is a universal food, everyone can tell their own story about it…

At my first pizza event, the Pizza Executive Summit in Chicago, I met Brianna & Jonathan Cowan. They are a young couple running a take-out & delivery pizzeria in Orland Park, IL. Not only was their enthusiasm contagious, but their passion for business & growth helped me a see another side of the pizza world.

I was lucky enough to stop by their shop, Old Town Pizza Company, when I was working in Lemont, IL. It was truly a treat. Here are some things I learned… Continue reading My Love for Old Town Pizza Co

Vic & Angelo’s- West Palm Beach, FL

I have visited this restaurant 3 times before in Delray Beach, FL. One night, we had a team dinner with approximately 12 consultants in attendance. Our team’s Sr. VP was in town, so we organized a meal at Vic & Angelo’s in West Palm Beach. I was very excited because I remember the food being high-quality and satisfying.

MMM PIZZA... worst angle for photos, but cut me some slack!

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Eduardo’s Enoteca

I absolutely love it when new pizzerias open up… especially when they are in my favorite city… AND when they have rebranded themselves. Eduardo’s Enoteca is a wine bar that used to be a good ol’ Edwardos. I really enjoy Edwardos, and I’ve already written two  posts about them. But now that they completely changed their menu (but kept the carryout/delivery operation), the place looks brand new!

5 girlfriends and I arrived at the restaurant around 6:30, quite early for a Saturday night. We came ready to wine & dine and were satisfied with the options. In fact, there were too many good options to choose from.

  • We were given some of the fresh mozzarella crostini as a light starter to our meal. As much as I love mozzarella & tomatoes, I learned that I enjoy balsamic and/or olive oil as well. It needed a tad more flavor to make me fall in love.  Then again, the fresh mozzarella was superb. Continue reading Eduardo’s Enoteca

International Pizza Expo- The Seminars

FINAL EXPO POST! [Part 3 of 3 posts] Earlier this month, I went to the international Pizza Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Amidst a busy time at work, I was able to steal away 2 days to see what many pizza stars, restaurant owners, and vendors consider the “Superbowl” of pizza conventions.

This post is my last of three posts about the expo.

  1. International Pizza Expo- The exhibitors- Food & cool products
  2. International Pizza Expo- The competitions- International Pizza Challenge & World Pizza Games
  3. International Pizza Expo- The Seminars- Learning from the best

The seminars

OH, the seminars.

The pizza Expo was great because of one of its main attractions; it allows pizza owners & operators to learn from others on how to make their business better. Although there was an overwhelming amount of booths & pizzas, the scheduled seminars brought another level of depth to the week. I was lucky to travel with pizza operators Brianna and Jon from Old Town Pizza and Mike & Brianne from DeNunzio’s Pizza. From their experiences and anticipated concerns, I learned more than I ever thought I would about today’s pizzerias and what they need to become successful. Read ahead for a few highlights: Continue reading International Pizza Expo- The Seminars