Eduardo’s Enoteca

I absolutely love it when new pizzerias open up… especially when they are in my favorite city… AND when they have rebranded themselves. Eduardo’s Enoteca is a wine bar that used to be a good ol’ Edwardos. I really enjoy Edwardos, and I’ve already written two  posts about them. But now that they completely changed their menu (but kept the carryout/delivery operation), the place looks brand new!

5 girlfriends and I arrived at the restaurant around 6:30, quite early for a Saturday night. We came ready to wine & dine and were satisfied with the options. In fact, there were too many good options to choose from.

  • We were given some of the fresh mozzarella crostini as a light starter to our meal. As much as I love mozzarella & tomatoes, I learned that I enjoy balsamic and/or olive oil as well. It needed a tad more flavor to make me fall in love.  Then again, the fresh mozzarella was superb.
  • The gorgonzola gnocchi special appetizer was petite but powerful. Gorgonzola cheese always scares me, but you are all aware of my recent interest in gnocchi. Therefore, I had to try it. The nutmeg on top of the gorgonzola added an amazing amount of contrast to the powerful taste. Therefore, the gorg didn’t seem too overwhelming.
  • The eggplant rollitini was unique because I tried to think of my sister’s chicken rollotini. That was always good food, but I thought of it as chicken with the extras on the side. 🙂 This eggplant dish was more of a focus on the entire package rather than the eggplant. It was one mushy flavor of goodness, although nothing insanely revolutionary.
  • MMM crispy brussel sprouts. I think everyone at the table loved these. They were tossed lightly with garlic & pancetta, and Alyssa thought they were exquisite. Definitely something to write home about.
  • There were two salads. The arugula avocado salad was light, and had enough flavor to carry it through. I really enjoyed that one. The spinach pancetta salad was cool, but overwhelming. It was more of a pancetta meal than anything else, which some people may like.
  • The clever twist on the margherita, eggplant parmigiano pizza, was lovely. It was one step past a margherita, but still came across as a simple pizza.
  • There was also a funghi pancetta pizza that included mushrooms, two cheeses, and pancetta as well.
  • The sausage peppers onions pizza was flavorful and included some of my favorite veggies, peppers and onions. There was no doubt this pizza was all about the toppings. With the cracker crust, its “not-thin” but “thin enough” texture was a simple setup for the crust.
  • Lastly, the pasta girl, Alyssa, loved her mushroom & truffled pasta dish.
  • For the most part, we all tried a different glass of wine. Each glass was unique and flavorful. If anything, they gave great insight into the wide variety of choices available at this convenient wine bar!

John mayer music played in the background, high wood-beam ceilings set the mood, and we were happy campers! All the food was yummy. Some of it was revolutionary, and some of it was just satisfactory. The crust was not my favorite for pizza, but I liked that it was thin & crispy. I suggest this place as a cute meal spot if you live in the gold coast! Congrats Edwardo’s for jumping outside the box! (And don’t forget, they still have their regular pizzas as part of their carryout operation!)


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