On one of my few trips to Chicago (sadness), Jon & I got together with a group of friends to eat at Socca. Socca is located right near the original Mia Francesca in Lakeview, right on the corner of the street. The dining area has many tables and a large space. Also, since they are on the corner of the street, both corner walls were mostly glass to see outside… major plus.


We began with a wide variety of drinks and then ordered a few pizzas to start, DUH. Disclaimer: This restaurant has many different menu items, but their advertised pizzette appetizers provided a great starting point. Disclaimer 2: We ate almost almost every kind of pizzette, so I can’t comment on anything else BUT the pizza! We were full after devouring them (Pizzette’s ran around $9/$10 while entrees were $18/$22).

These are the collective views of my co-diners: Sal, Sivji, Blake, Akanksha, Rylan, Jon, & I

SPECK: Smoked prosciutto, artichoke, roasted peppers, egg
Review: The egg snuck up on you. In the words of my friend, ‘it was a gem of flavor in my mouth.’ Sal liked that the meat was salty.


SOPPRESSATA: Caramelized onion, mozzarella, shredded caesar
Review: Akanksha loved this one, and I did too. It was so unique to have a casesar salad topping to the pizza, but was a perfect contrast to the cheese on the pizza. It definitely cut the spicy test from the sopressata.


FRESH MOZZARELLA: fennel sausage, cherry tomato
Review: Sivji thought the sausage was pure and simple. I thought it may have been lacking a bit of character, but this was in comparison to the wide variety of toppings on other pizzas.

GOAT CHEESE: basil pesto, roasted red peppers, mozzarella goat cheese, parmesan

Review: I’m not the biggest fan of goat cheese, but Blake enjoyed this one along with the soppressata. Who would have thought that something so basic would work? I would say Pesto did the trick, but with these pizzas, it’s all about how each flavor blends with another.


SPRING LAMB: bologness & rosemary goat cheese
Review: Well I know Jon couldn’t stop eating the lamb pizza. And it was clever to have the lamb on the pizza, especially in unassuming sizes. Therefore, it kind of sunk into the cheese and sauce.

Overall, Socca allowed us to sample a wide variety of pizzas. The combinations were unique and satisfying, although the crust wasn’t anything special. There are pizza places that highlight the true essence of pizza, and then there are pizzas that go outside the box… in a good way… even if they abandon the basic premises of crust or sauce. I hear great things about their entrees as well, so be sure to try more than just pizza 🙂

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