Four Star- (Upper Crust)-Bermuda

There are some SLIM pickings in Bermuda, so finding new places with quality pizza is difficult. Finding a place that delivers out of town is even tougher. Upper Crust is a chain of carryout restaurants located in multiple parishes on the island. The Flatt’s village location is closest to Jon’s apartment, and when I arrived one afternoon, we decided to order in for dinner.

The salads are unfairly priced, but the pizza was standard. I wouldn’t go out of my way to praise it, but pepperoni was good, onions were nicely charred on top, and it wasn’t too greasy or dry. Let’s be honest here: If you are lazy and hungry and don’t want to leave your apartment, you’re not always requiring the best pizza ever. Since Bermuda doesn’t have many choices for delivery (only 1 if you live outside of the main town), this pizza can make your night. We were happy to eat it and I thought of it as a thinner domino’s, but with fresher ingredients.

I actually reheated some slices in the toaster oven as leftovers and they were even better than the first time. Here are some photos of the za.

Floppy crust, cooked almost like a Domino’s pizza, but thinner.

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