Month: July 2012

Bar/Pub, Bermuda, Casual, Dine-in

Swizzle Inn- Bermuda

Spinach & Onion Pizza- Swizzle Inn Swizzle inn, swagger out… that’s the motto of this timeless pub that’s been around forever in Bermuda. If you are in town, this is a TOP dining/drinking attraction, and it’s not to be missed. There are two locations: the original is near the airport, and the other isĀ  on […]

Bermuda, Dine-in, Take-out, Upscale

Rustico- Bermuda

Ok, so this is a restaurant I will rave about in Bermuda. As you may know, Bermuda is a small island. There’s downtown Hamilton with a handful of restaurants, resorts with their own cuisine, and a few little spots scattered around the island. Rustico is one of them. It is located in Flatt’s Village, aside […]

Buenos Aires, Casual, Dine-in

El Cuartito- Buenos Aires

On this past trip to Argentina, my team and I got a chance to check out one of the most notorious pizzerias in Buenos Aires: EL CUARTITO. I’ve written about Argentine pizza and how it differs from the USA. The crust is thicker, almost like a piece of toast, but surprisingly light among all the […]