El Cuartito- Buenos Aires

An Argentine Experience

On this past trip to Argentina, my team and I got a chance to check out one of the most notorious pizzerias in Buenos Aires: EL CUARTITO. I’ve written about Argentine pizza and how it differs from the USA. The crust is thicker, almost like a piece of toast, but surprisingly light among all the toppings.

The setup at El Cuartito is pretty simple. You can order empanadas and pizza by the slice at the counter, or you can have a seat and order from a waiter. The tables are set up like a cafeteria, and the place gets packed real quickly. The team arrived around 8:15 pm and it was already hopping… filled with locals and tourists.

Busy inside

We snagged a table in the back for our large group of seven and ordered some beers & empanadas to start!

Patagonia Beer
Cute plates... and you can see they celebrated their 77th anniversary last year!
Empanadas for starters

We decided on three large pizzas to share… but of course I cannot remember the names:
1. The Cuartito (I believe), which had red pepper, tomatoes, ham, cheese, and a fried egg on top

The Cuartito

2. Pepperoni: Lots of cheese and some thick, freshly sliced pepperoni


3. Onion, Cheese, Garlic, Tomato…

Onion, tomatoes, etc...

All of these pizzas were topped with olives, something very common in Buenos Aires… even if it wasn’t stated as a topping. Naturally, I pulled off the olives. Sorry for not being fully adventurous :). Even though I blog about pizza, I’m not going to eat something I don’t enjoy!

The cheese was fresh… super fresh. I can’t describe it, but it wasn’t as greasy as in the states. We loved the onion/tomato/garlic pizza, and no matter how many toppings these pizzas had, it was still light and crunchy. The pepperoni was unique because each slice was thick and then covered in cheese. I know Alton loved the Cuartito because of the cracked egg.

Crunchy bottom of pizza, charred from cooking in a pan. Check out the thick bread above it.
Probably my favorite slice of all three

When we finished our meal, the restaurant was even more packed, and there was a line at the entrance. I was glad we had the chance to try out a famous pizzeria. Although this is not my favorite style, I appreciated the authentic taste of Argentine pizza, and would recommend this spot to anyone who visits the city!

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