Nellcôte Via

I was happy to check out this restaurant in Chicago for brunch! Nellcôte is one of the new hotspots that recently opened on Randolph Street. They have homemade flour for breads, pizzas, and pastas, and have been open since March. Brunch is a newer venture for them, and all of their main courses are considered ‘price fixe’, unless you order a handful of sides for a meal. Depending on what you order, the price fixe price could be a tad high at $18… but still nice not to choose food based on price. Continue reading Nellcôte

Da Lupo- Boulder, Co


Wood-fired oven perfection

Bring on some more brick-oven/wood-oven (whatever cool oven) pizza! I guess I went the fancy route with my ZA this past month! When I was in Boulder, we checked out Da Lupo pizza. Actually, I picked it up and brought it back to my sister’s house since she was getting ready to move. The restaurant is located in a strip mall, but caters to all types of crowds, and prices are reasonable for this style of dining. The prep area was in plain sight of the diners, which adds to the feel of the restaurant, along with a meat slicer on display. This means all your toppings are freshly sliced as they prep the pizza.

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Brava- Denver, CO

Our experience at Brava! Mobile Pizza Oven- Denver, CO

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Piola- Argentina

I had the pleasure of checking out Piola in Florida, and was pleased to learn that they have locations in many other states and countries! I was happy to check it out with a fellow consultant who lives in Argentina. He loves the restaurant and has dined at BOTH of their locations in Buenos […]

Uno Deep Dish Pizza

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