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I was happy to check out this restaurant in Chicago for brunch! Nellcôte is one of the new hotspots that recently opened on Randolph Street. They have homemade flour for breads, pizzas, and pastas, and have been open since March. Brunch is a newer venture for them, and all of their main courses are considered ‘price fixe’, unless you order a handful of sides for a meal. Depending on what you order, the price fixe price could be a tad high at $18… but still nice not to choose food based on price.

On this Sunday, our group of five was welcomed into the packed restaurant and seated at a half booth along the side of the space. Outdoor seating has a max of 5 people, but the doors were wide open. Service was slow on ALL accounts. The table of two next to us had ordered before we did and their order was lost. So organization wasn’t at its peak. Regardless, we dived into the menu and started off with some prosecco and bellinis. After all, it was a girls’ brunch! 🙂

Everybody ordered something different, and the dishes were creative and well-liked. We shared food across the table. Below is a brief summary of each dish:

Lobster Hash was good (poached eggs, yukon gold potatoes, fine herbs, smoked paprika hollandaise) . There were nice little pieces of lobster in there and the sauce went well with it.

The whole wheat pancakes (blueberries, lemon curd, maple syrup, ricotta) were some of the fluffiest we’ve tasted… Sara was enthralled. “I don’t normally order pancakes because they are usually way too sweet, but they were the perfect combination of nutty, sweet, and tart.”

Great opinions on the quiche lorraine (smoked bacon, gruyere, lettuce, champagne vinaigrette)… simple and well-executed.

The dough cooked perfectly on the pizzas and they were served uncut. I would assume this is because they have a lot of pride in their homemade flour into homemade dough combination. I melted into this one… the crust was VERY thin… not a true Neapolitan with fluff. There was a tad of salt along the edges of the crust, which perfectly accented the toppings.
Buffalo mozarella pizza (tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil, basil) & Sunnyside-up egg pizza (organic egg, fontina, mozarella, arugula)

Overall, the high quality food & decor would have me coming back for more, once they sharpen up their service!

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