Uno Deep Dish Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza with chopped onions

My dad is pretty cool… I came into Florida one weekend, and he had frozen Uno’s pizzas waiting in the fridge. We always eat Home Run Inn pizza, but it was refreshing to see a new type of pizza. The quality of ZA was somewhere in between Uno’s original pizzeria and the chain restaurants.

We added some onions to the pepperoni pizza, and the pie cooked up nicely. I would recommend these frozen pizzas because they don’t make you feel like you just downed an absurd piece of deep dish pizza. The crust is not too thick and there isn’t a ton of cheese. It’s like a tame version of the good stuff. Still, you have something good coming out of the oven, and you can reminisce about real Chicago pizza! It’s great for out-of-towners who find it in their grocer’s frozen section.

Have you ever had Uno’s frozen pizza?

Slice of ZA

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