A week in Chicago

I spent a quick couple of days in Chicago along with some campus recruiting at my alma mater (University of Illinois). My days were filled with friends and pizza 🙂 I just wanted to show you some quick snapshots and give you my opinions:

Balena: A full post will be coming soon since I have not blogged about this place. The pizza was great, loved the combination of toppings, and the extended crust edges for dramatic effect :). The restaurant space is beautiful and the service was attentive… but we were there quite early into the evening.

Pequod’s: So after recruiting, we were too tired to stop off and wait for a pizza at Papa Del’s… myself included. I was depressed, but got over it as the exhaustion set in. BUT THEN, my friend Sara, lovely hostess and friend, suggested ordering Pequod’s pizza. I was SO Happy, and she enjoyed her first experience. We had it delivered, and I thought the quality was still top notch.

Mama Milano: I reviewed this place at the beginning of the restaurant opening. Nishi & I went on a lazy Saturday and sat out on their patio. The service was S.L.O.W. but the pizza was fine. The spinach pizza rolls were yummy. I just wish the service was good enough to make me want to visit again.

D’Agostino’s: Where art thou pizza? My friend lexi lives right near the D’Ags that Jon & I used to eat at. So I suggested getting a spinach & onion pizza and we were sadly disappointed. The spinach was literally clumps of frozen spinach across the pizza. Definitely not reminiscent of my old experiences… What a buzzkill.

SO my pizza week in Chi started off on the right foot, but went a bit downhill. I’ll need to plan out my excursions more carefully next time!

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