I am lucky I get to travel for my job, and even luckier to have friends & coworkers who like eating pizza, with or without me! This post is a contribution from Nat Rosenthal based on my suggestion that he try out Pizaro’s Pizza Napoletana.

While Pizaro’s Pizza is a quiet restaurant stuck […]

Homemade(ish) Pizza

I never wrote this blog with an intention of creating my own masterpiece pizza. The focus of my blog is to highlight others who are good at making pizza, so I can sit back and enjoy. Well, one night in Bermuda, Jon suggested we make some of our own pizza, so we set off to do just that.

Margherita Pizza Attempt!

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Sotto- Los Angeles

Can I just talk about my love for this place? Do I really need to write a full analysis-type review? This restaurant made me happy. It was the last stop for me on a Sunday pizza tour in LA before heading off to the airport for my red-eye. Everything was just perfect on these […]

800 Degrees- Los Angeles

Line out the door

GOLD. MINE. When talking about new trends, the chipotle style of dining (follow food preparer down the line of ingredients) reigns supreme. This pizzeria expedites Italian-style pizza creation and replicates the process. Continue reading 800 Degrees- Los Angeles

Milo & Olive- Los Angeles

Dining with large groups is never easy. Dining with a large group at a small restaurant is near impossible. Milo & Olive is a newer restaurant in LA in the Santa Monica area. It has 2 large square tables that seat appx 12 people, and a bar area with views to the pizza kitchen. We waited an hour or so (correct me if I’m wrong) and that was tough. They were kind and offered up some arancini risotto balls, which were lovely. And the space was open & welcoming as well.

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