800 Degrees- Los Angeles

Line out the door

GOLD. MINE. When talking about new trends, the chipotle style of dining (follow food preparer down the line of ingredients) reigns supreme. This pizzeria expedites Italian-style pizza creation and replicates the process.

Classy high ceilings
Pizza Assembly Line

Patrons start at the beginning, where they decide what type of sauce (white pizza, tomato sauce, pesto, etc) will be the base after the freshly rolled dough. If you choose to have mozzarella, an entire ball of fresh mozz is ripped to top the pizza.

Molino San Felice Flour
Makin the pies Step 1
Sauce & Mozz Balls

Then the toppings come along. All look fresh & high quality… Peppadew, Smoked Provolone, Rosemary Ham, insanity- more on the menu, of course.


We chose one margherita and one white pizza with peppadew, sausage, and ricotta. We were ready to par-tay.

Pizzas went into the oven for a matter of minutes, and then they were sliced and handed over.

Pizzas in the ovennnn
More ZA

The top & bottom cook were sub-par for real pizza afficionados, but it’s an easy and CHEAP pizza… can’t argue with that. I wish they had left it in their ovens for longer… but you can’t always get what you want :).

Our Za- Margherita
Our Za- Peppadew, Sausage, Ricotta


Stacked three pieces on top of each other... his own to-go method... insanity... and very entertaining!
LOVE the pizza box

Either way, stellar operation. They are able to appeal to the masses and offer some quality ingredients, regardless of how uniformly the pizzas are cooked. The restaurant was packed, and traffic moved quickly through the line. You could run on in, order a pizza, and be out in 15 minutes. I dig it, and I think this trend will catch on.
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  1. Nottt yet, sadly… pizza persona is trying to do it in Chicago but I haven’t been and I don’t think they’re doing neapolitan but you should blog it and report back 🙂

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