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Gjelina is a restaurant I had heard about in Venice, CA. I hadn’t visited that area, so I was happy to check out the bustling Abbott Kinney Blvd. with cute shops at every corner. I found a parking spot and met up with Rachel & Halle (Rachel is a friend of Scott’s from Scott’s Pizza Tours NY) at the take out location. I arrived JUST-IN-TIME because our pizzas had just come out of the oven.

Outside of Gjelina, GTA is the red buliding next door (From yovenice.com)

The take-out operation opened up more recently as GTA (Gjelina Take Away) and is a counter-ordering experience with pizzas, sandwiches, and some fresh ‘salads’. I think of these types of salads when you go to the deli counter at a grocery store and they have some premade items (a coleslaw, quinoa mix, etc) you can get in small portions. Three pizzas has just come out of the oven, so we jumped right in and started tasting each one.

Margherita Pizza


Spinach (with garlic, feta, & mozzarella)
Squash Blossom Pizza (Fresh baby squash, cherry tomatoes, burrata cheese, & squash blossoms)
Bottom pic
Oven & fresh food

I was a FAN fan of this pizza. It had a classically soggy center, but great execution with the cooking of crust and ingredients. That squash blossom was a mess to handle, but a fun combination of flavors. Spinach pizza didn’t have as much of an appeal, but I see why this place is so busy. I die for the margherita because I’m a purist. They are churning out quality pies with a bubbly crust and customers keep coming back for more!

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