Homemade(ish) Pizza

I never wrote this blog with an intention of creating my own masterpiece pizza. The focus of my blog is to highlight others who are good at making pizza, so I can sit back and enjoy. Well, one night in Bermuda, Jon suggested we make some of our own pizza, so we set off to do just that.

Margherita Pizza Attempt!

We did not make it completely from scratch. Jon bought frozen dough from the grocer, and I had to thaw it for a few hours in the fridge and at at room temperature. Our sauce was canned tomato sauce (although I do love making my own) and we used fresh Bel Gioioso balls of mozzarella to top the ZA. Originally we were going to add homemade turkey meatballs, but I wanted to test out a margherita pizza first.

I rolled out the dough as best I could onto a perforated round pizza pan, added toppings sparingly, and preheated the oven as high as it could go… 525 degrees Fahrenheit. I did not follow the dough packaging, which may have yielded a different type of pizza since it requested 450 for 15-20 minutes. I was trying to make the oven as hot as possible to try my luck with that style.

When we put the pizza in the oven, I peeked through the glass to inspect how it was going. I must admit I was worried I would ruin it… but its only dough, sauce, & cheese, so there can’t be much harm done. When the cheese started bubbling a bit too much (and I worried it would all burn), we pulled out the ZA.

Cookin up!


And she's done... I think. Tried to put the broil on after a bit, but no char on the crust (maybe that type of dough wasn't char friendly?), and I was afraid I would overcook cheese (note cheese at bottom of photo). #firsttimer
Under the crust...

The crust was pretty flavorless, but the slices were stable & thin, not floppy at all. It was a great first try at firing up our oven as high as it would go. I wanted to be ‘authentic’ and try not to overwhelm the pizza with the ingredients, but I think I would use a bit more sauce to go further to the edges and perhaps more dollops of cheese! We have another ball of dough in the freezer, so perhaps I’ll try again soon!

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