Los Angeles Pizza Tour

I took an awesome sister trip to Los Angeles in September. Both my sister and I had never been to LA, so we were excited to see the sights and some great friends. On the Friday of our trip, we were relaxing in our hotel room and I was perusing facebook. Lo and behold, Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours NYC had posted about being in LA. Of course, we got in contact, and it turned out he was touring a bunch of pizzerias that Sunday.

The timing was perfect because I had to drop Ariel off at the airport early afternoon, so I had plenty of time to kill before my red-eye flight back to Jon. AND I didn’t have to subject my sister to a whirlwind of pizzerias.

In that afternoon, I managed to hit up four different pizza spots. Each place we went, our entourage was different, which made the adventure more exciting. We ate at some great places and some not-so-great places. Overall, I had such a fun afternoon and really enjoyed driving around Los Angeles in my mustang convertible (suhweet rental) from pizzeria to pizzeria. Over the next two weeks, I’ll post about each of the four pizzerias.


Squash Blossom Pizza (Fresh baby squash, cherry tomatoes, burrata cheese, & squash blossoms)

Gjelina– Upscale & Chic neapolitan pizza on Abbott Kinney near Venice Beach (2nd fave)

Bianca Pizza- sunchokes, Springbrook Farms raclette, fried sage

Milo & Olive– Casual & small-scale pizzeria in Santa Monica (least fave)

Peppadew, Sausage, Ricotta Pizza

800 Degrees– Chipotle-style ordering neapolitan pizzeria in Westwood Village (3rd best…)

Margherita Pizza

Sotto Restaurant– Classy & Chic neapolitan ZA in ‘Beverlywood’ on Pico Blvd (Total Awesome)

So I saw mostly neapolitan-esque places, but all different areas and a variety of dining styles. I didn’t make it to any slice shops, but there will always be a chance to take another trip to LA!

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