Milo & Olive- Los Angeles

Dining with large groups is never easy. Dining with a large group at a small restaurant is near impossible. Milo & Olive is a newer restaurant in LA in the Santa Monica area. It has 2 large square tables that seat appx 12 people, and a bar area with views to the pizza kitchen. We waited an hour or so (correct me if I’m wrong) and that was tough. They were kind and offered up some arancini risotto balls, which were lovely. And the space was open & welcoming as well.

Exposed ceiling

Scott had helped us make some decisions of pizzas to order so we were ready to go. Then the waitress told us it would take 20 minutes to cook each ZA… 20 minutes?! 20 minutes is a lot for this famed pizza. We wondered why they didn’t offer to take our order earlier so it would be ready when we were seated. After initial shock, we decided to order DESSERT FIRST! woohoo! Although I didn’t partake (had to save room for pizza and pizza only), people LOVED the selections they ordered.

When our pizzas came to the table, we were happy to see how large they were. When we dug into the pizza, I don’t think everyone was floored. Maybe the hype of a 20 minute prep time made the reward less exciting.

Holy Moly Pepperoni
Roasted Potato
Burrata (with arugula and prosciutto)
Interesting sunchokes on the bianca, but still seemed like a bland pizza
Kickass pepperoni, but seemed like they were...compensating... for something? 🙂



The crust was not cooked the same on all pizzas. This type of dough + oven combination meant that a ‘charred’ crust tasted more like a burnt crust. The edges were well-cooked on the bianca though. The pizza was unique, and I am told it is a bit like Mozza’s pizza, but overall I wasn’t impressed. I am sad to say this too, because apparently it gets rave reviews! Anyways, a cool place to try out, but the pizza fell a bit short of expectations.
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