I am lucky I get to travel for my job, and even luckier to have friends & coworkers who like eating pizza, with or without me! This post is a contribution from Nat Rosenthal based on my suggestion that he try out Pizaro’s Pizza Napoletana.

While Pizaro’s Pizza is a quiet restaurant stuck in a typical strip mall,it is far from your typical pizza joint.  Unlike others it focuses on one type of pizza – delicious pizza.  But seriously, they don’t have 5 different types of crust with 30 different “specialty” pizzas.  They make a light hand tossed pizza crust (and yes, you can actually see them tossing it up in the air) which they cover with a variety of toppings and put in a 1 Gazillion degree oven.  The pizza takes about 90 seconds to cook and is served piping hot to the table.

Pizza Crew

Their specialty pizzas, of which they have about 10, were different in terms of the combinations of vegetables and spices and not the standard fare you encounter so often.  To view the various options go the website….  Unfortunately, I cannot remember the names of the pizzas we ordered but you can see them in the pictures below and all were very good.

The only down side we saw was that the service seemed a little slow.  However, the entire staff was friendly and the owner came out to check on us (although that might have been because he saw me taking pictures).


Thanks so much Nat! Houston readers… these pizzas look pretty good to me. I will definitely be stopping by if I’m in the area.

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