Sotto- Los Angeles

Can I just talk about my love for this place? Do I really need to write a full analysis-type review? This restaurant made me happy. It was the last stop for me on a Sunday pizza tour in LA before heading off to the airport for my red-eye. Everything was just perfect on these pizzas. Even keel cook on top and bottom. Nice charred edges and a delectable chewy crust. The low-lit ambiance was cozy, the waitstaff was beyond friendly, and the company was great!

I would go here for a date, family meal, pizza tour (duh), any occasion. Their small plates menu also looked delicious. I highly recommend this to any Los Angelans… yeah… i said that.

Tiled pizza oven- hand built by a Ferrara
Marinara Pizza
Margherita Pizza
Terrible photo of the Calabrese Pizza (sorry!!)
Nom nom... so good

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