BJ’s Brewery- Temple, Texas

Basil & Sausage Pizza

So I’m hanging in Temple, Texas for the next few months at my new client. The town has a ton of chain restaurants: Chilli’s, IHOP, Cracker Barrel, Olive Garden, etc. BJ’s is a chain, and I had never been to one before. They have a menu that is almost as large as Cheesecake Factory, and they have a list of lunch specials. They have a full pizza menu, but we’ll save that for another day. Continue reading BJ’s Brewery- Temple, Texas

Blu- Bermuda

I met a man on a recent flight to Bermuda who has been working on the island for over a year and flies back and forth quite often. He invited Jon & me to dinner at his favorite spot, Blu, since it is right near his cottage. The restaurant has sushi, Italian, American, and Asian food on its menu, so there was plenty to choose from… almost too much!

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Otto Pizza- Portland, Maine

Get ready for a good one, readers. I went on an awesome trip to Boston & Maine and thought it was only necessary that I wrote about a pizzeria during this time. I already visited Pizzeria Regina on my last visit to Boston, so I sought out a great place in Portland: Otto Pizza. Otto has multiple locations in Boston & Portland, but I had to visit the original on Congress Street in downtown Portland. Continue reading Otto Pizza- Portland, Maine