Blu- Bermuda

I met a man on a recent flight to Bermuda who has been working on the island for over a year and flies back and forth quite often. He invited Jon & me to dinner at his favorite spot, Blu, since it is right near his cottage. The restaurant has sushi, Italian, American, and Asian food on its menu, so there was plenty to choose from… almost too much!

We started with two sushi rolls and a pizza. Then we each had an entrée. All of the food was great quality, and I could see why he made this a local spot. I enjoyed the pizza. It was different from Rustico, with a bit more flour in the crust and it had a nice pizza-oven taste. As for the size of the pizza, it was perfect for sharing or leftovers.

Because many of Bermuda’s restaurants have multi-cuisine menus, I’m not surprised pizza made Blu’s list. I think they churn out some nice ZA and it would be my go-to pizzeria if I lived nearby. Alas, our go-to will still be Rustico because it is so close to us!

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