Otto Pizza- Portland, Maine

Get ready for a good one, readers. I went on an awesome trip to Boston & Maine and thought it was only necessary that I wrote about a pizzeria during this time. I already visited Pizzeria Regina on my last visit to Boston, so I sought out a great place in Portland: Otto Pizza. Otto has multiple locations in Boston & Portland, but I had to visit the original on Congress Street in downtown Portland.

This restaurant has been featured on the food network with their Mashed Potato, Scallion, & Bacon pizza slices… so clearly there was some buzz here. When Bailey & I walked through the door, we saw a three-man operation, order-at-the-counter setup, with eight daily pies to choose from. The full menu is on the wall if customers want to order a small or large pizza of their choosing, but there were plenty of slices to choose from at the counter. Four pies are standard every day while the other four rotate from the main menu.

Otto’s is expanding at this location to have a sit-down pizzeria called Enzo’s. This is great since seating was lacking here. Most businessmen ran in to grab a few slices and bring them back to their office, but it did not slow down any business. Regardless, having more space is always a plus.

Bails & I ordered our own slices… but then I had to have another. Here are some photos from our experience:

Butternut Squash, Ricotta, & Cranberry Slice

Caramelized Onion, Marinara Pizz

Holy cow… these first two slices were a great introduction to a stellar pizza. With a crunchy crust and the smell of wood-fired greatness in each bite, I was sold. One of the Otto Pizzaiolo’s made fun of me for being a Chicagoan, while the other praised my home city… I didn’t know where to turn. The non-Chicago fan didn’t understand how I could possibly enjoy something so ‘New York.’ BUT I DID. MMmmm, it was a slice of heaven. How about some char on the crust? Perfectly executed here at Otto. Some would say I’m not experienced in NYC style pizza blogging… but I don’t care. When Bailey & I tasted our slices, we said, YES. No over-obsessive topping application, just a careful appreciation for pizza.

Bailey’s slice had each topping dispensed in its own area. A squash dollop here, a squash dollop there, each topping in its place. When taking her first bite, she chose which topping she wanted. Rather than smushing all toppings together, this dainty presentation allowed her to enjoy each bite individually. The onion pizza was less intense, but I loved the marinara sauce… it is just the greatest. Therefore, my slice was satisfying as well.

Under Crust

After we each had our own ‘specialty’ slice, I ordered one of the regulars. We got the tomato-basil pizza. It was great. The cheese, while rich, was not overbearing, and there were plenty of tomato and basil slices to cover the pizza. It was a great finale to our experience at Otto. I was so happy to have the opportunity to check out some great pizza… SLICES rock… even though I am normally into a Neapolitan pie. I guess that is why I’m a pizza blogger… I like ’em all.

Shoutout to bailey hatch and her first pizza experience with me. love you bails!


  1. Ottos is THE BEST! Butternut squash/ricotto/cranberry is my favorite but I like to mix it up with the apple/red onion/bacon slice too. I feel so lucky to live in Portland where we have 2 locations. If you are a traveling pizza blogger, you should try the Hellboy pizza at Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint (Brooklyn). It is a great pepperoni with chili pepper-infused honey drizzled on top. Yum!

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