Pignetti’s- Temple, TX

[Get ready for some terrible picture quality… at least the pizza pics are decent!]

I was happy to check out a local Italian joint in Temple, TX: Pignetti’s. A large portion of our team went for dinner as a ‘goodbye dinner’ for a fellow coworker. I had heard they made pizza, so I knew that was going to be top-of-mind for a taste test, but our group enjoyed all of their entrees as well!

Margherita: Lightly browned edges

Looks quite cheesy here, but tasted fresh
This one was cooked better, but we liked the margherita taste much more

We started with two pizzas: The margherita and sausage & pepperoni (although our pizza only had pepperoni). The ZA had nice crisp edges, quite a helping of cheese, and some nice flavor. One pizza was cooked more than the other was, so presentation lacked a bit in consistency. Our team unanimously voted in favor of the margherita pizza. The tomatoes and basil gave the overall pizza a ‘light’ taste, and the crust was a bit more than cracker-thin. Two pizzas were plenty as an appetizer for a table of seven.

Tami with her Tami Wine! Of course the flash overshadowed the label. Good wine though!

Of course, we had to order some wine with our meal. We ordered a bottle of red called TAMI. It was a vibrant and smooth finish and tasted even better because I was sitting next to my coworker, Tami. Now if only they had FELICIA wine :).

Eggplant rollitini, with a side of pasta and green beans
Lobster Ravioli
Lovely fish

People loved their entrees as well. We ate everything from eggplant rollitini to fish to lobster ravioli, and more. There were no complaints about the quality of food, which makes Pignetti’s a preferred restaurant when looking for a nice meal in Temple.

I can’t wait to go back and try more of their pizzas, perhaps during lunchtime!

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