Roots Handmade Pizza

I was so happy to check out Roots Handmade Pizza in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago. The restaurant/bar was aesthetically pleasing, and I can see this being a great local joint along with the long list of beers on tap. The garage door windows go up in the summertime and their booths have benches winding around to the next table.

Because it was Sunday, Roots had a mimosa special with four splits of Champagne and a pitcher of orange juice. They presented it in an adorable way and my friends and I were happy to indulge.

Roots Mimosas

We started with the famed mozzarella sticks, and they were awesome. The sticks were filled with fresh homemade mozzarella, cooked to a crisp taste, and accompanied by sweet marinara dipping sauce. I wished the appetizer portion was endless, but alas, it was not. My friend Sam would love them… so Smols: you must try it!

Since there were four of us, we ordered two pizzas. The server said the taco pizza is very popular, but of course, I wanted to order a more basic pie for comparison purposes. We went with their sausage ZA because the sausage is homemade, spiced and ground two times.

My first bite was the sausage pizza. The crust is something within itself. Aside from the scissor-cut slices, the malt crust makes for a sturdy base for toppings and more. The sausage was fresh and flavorful, and the cheese complemented the strong taste. Although you can see the sauce in the photo below, I did not taste much of it.

The taco pizza was a bit of an undertaking for me. The rest of the girls loved it, so I knew it would be delicious. Since I am more of a simple pizza eater, it was out of my comfort zone. The toppings of sausage, taco chips, lettuce, tomatoes, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese were like ‘HOLY COW’. However, the combination together was quite pleasant and not too overwhelming. Sara liked how Roots has a very original recipe, which really helps them make a name for themselves.

Overall, we enjoyed our Sunday afternoon experience at Roots and I will run back there for some mozzarella sticks as soon as I can!

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