Il Cane Rosso- Dallas, TX

I took a 6:00am flight out of Dallas on Feb 15th, so I had to drive over on Valentine’s Day. I don’t love the ~2 hour drive from Temple, TX to Dallas, but I strategically planned for a pizza experience. Although I had not read about Il Cane Rosso on any of my nationwide lists, two people recommended it to me. I sat at the pizza bar and was ready to be impressed. The pizza oven was gorgeous, the restaurant was busy, and I was ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with me, myself, and pizza. I ordered a Regina Margherita Pizza, the one with fresh buffalo mozzarella.

When the pizza arrived, I was ready to conquer it. I love the gummy crust on classic Italian pizzas. It could have used an extra 20 seconds in the oven, but nonetheless, I enjoyed every bite. My only complaint was… myself. I couldn’t eat it fast enough for the pizza to stay warm. The slices still tasted great, but not as good at the last bit. I was so happy with my pizza here, and it made for a lovely Valentine’s Day celebration! I hope to come back before my next Dallas flight.

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