Riccardo Enoteca

I was so happy to be surrounded by friends to celebrate my belated birthday in Chicago.

We dined at Riccardo Enoteca and enjoyed their small plates and pizzas. Although we were a large group, once they got into the swing of things, service was attentive. We drank plenty of wine and loved the bread on the table.We really enjoyed our meal, and the price was reasonable when split across a group of people.

The pizzas are thicker and remind me of a fancier version of Sweet Tomatoes focaccia bread pizza. The edges are charred against the pan, the crust is light and fluffy, and the toppings don’t weigh down the pizza in any way. This also reminded me of the pizza al taglio, pizza by the slice, in Italy. The crust is thick and flavorful, like bread, and the toppings are generous. Although I love sauce on my pizza, I think they chose to apply sparingly in order to preserve the stability of the crust. I was willing to make that compromise. 🙂

Figure 1- Veggies all over this ZA

Figure 2- Top Shot

Figure 3- Check out the fluffy crust. Cheese & tomatoes in tomato sauce are visible albeit basic.

Figure 4- Lovin the square slices. Each person gets an end and gooey center

Figure 5- Sam gives it a thumbs up

Figure 6- Lonely tasty slice

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