Month: March 2013


Pizza Expo 2013 (#1)

Fresh mozzarella, amazing pizza dough crust, cherry tomatoes, basil This was one of my favorite booths to snag a few slices of ZA, but this photo here is a beautiful work of art!! MOLINO SAN FELICE FLOUR straight from Napoli!


Pizza Expo 2013!

This week I’m headed to Vegas for the 2013 Pizza Expo! I’m so excited to meet up with some friends and contacts and can’t wait to see the new exhibitors, listen to the seminars, and learn more and more about pizza! If you want to know what this is all about, take a look at […]

Casual, Dine-in, Texas, Upscale

Backspace Pizzeria- Austin, TX

Another classic pizzeria to bring me back to the world of ZA! I really enjoyed dining at Backspace pizzeria. Located right at San Jacinto & 6th Street, this gem is in prime location with quality choices and promises great food. The size of the pizzas were much smaller than my last pie at Il Cane […]

Casual, Dine-in, Take-out, Texas

Italiano’s- Temple, TX

This pizzeria was right across the street from Scott & White hospitals. It had great reviews on urbanspoon, and I assume it is because many hospital employees, doctors, nurses, etc. dine there. We walked into an order-at-the-counter operation. It reminded me of a food court Sbarro, where the slices are reheated after you order. Everyone […]