Italiano’s- Temple, TX

This pizzeria was right across the street from Scott & White hospitals. It had great reviews on urbanspoon, and I assume it is because many hospital employees, doctors, nurses, etc. dine there. We walked into an order-at-the-counter operation. It reminded me of a food court Sbarro, where the slices are reheated after you order. Everyone ordered a variety of toppings/slices, and I went for the mozzarella, ricotta, & spinach calzone.

In the below pictures, mine is swimming in sauce. The food was fine for lunch, and everything was served on paper plates. Costs for slices were cheap, although my calzone ran higher at about $7.00. I wouldn’t say I loved the calzone, but it was satisfying for lunch. Garrett’s stuffed crust pizza was overwhelming, but he enjoyed it, and Harold’s heavily topped pizza was satisfactory. Judging by the photos below, it doesn’t look particularly appetizing. I don’t plan on running back here immediately… but at least we’ll know what to expect the next time around.

Figure 1- Super Grease

Figure 2-Yes friends, that is a calzone

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