Coal Vines- Dallas

I love working at a company where my friends & coworkers live in different cities. Troy and I spent a sunny Thursday evening (no really, it was sunny) on the patio at Coal Vines pizza & wine bar.

We ordered a large margherita pizza & bruschetta since we decided to ‘live a little,’ BUT it was insanity! At the end of the meal, I sent him home with a few slices 🙂.

Some key points about the meal:

  • If you order a glass of wine, they bring the bottle out to fill your glass. I love that special touch
  • The bruschetta had two different flavors: one had pesto & ricotta, and the other was simple mozzarella & tomato. Troy & I liked the simpler one
  • The coal oven char on the pizza was splendid. I was craving some good stuff and this hit the spot
  • Fresh cheese, fresh tomato sauce, great flavoring in the crust, and LOTS of basil
  • Loved the ‘condiment’ trio of crushed red pepper, parm, and oregano for each table

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