Scotts Pizza Tours (April 2013)

I often make quick travel stops because my project life is a bit hectic. I recently flew into NYC for 1 night and left Sunday afternoon to return to Texas. I had to find a way to try SOME pizza while also visiting my parents who were on a weekend getaway.

I stopped by Scotts Pizza Tours and joined them on two pizza stops in the Brooklyn area. I highly recommend taking one his tours because he is an energetic, knowledgeable, and fun tour guide & pizza lover. Continue reading Scotts Pizza Tours (April 2013)

Pizzeria Serio

The first time I ate at Serio was a few months after it opened in at the edge of the Roscoe Village neighborhood. After ~2 years, it was great to go back with Sara and Allison and learn a bit about the behind the scenes side of the pizzeria. One of my favorite takeaways was that the owner loves a simple margherita pizza! Gotta love people who believe in the basics. I’ll try to keep my review brief🙂. Continue reading Pizzeria Serio

Siena Tavern- Chicago

One of the hottest restaurants in River North is the new Siena Tavern. My girlfriends and I were able to snag a seat on the early side and were excited to see what the hype was about. Continue reading Siena Tavern- Chicago